World Ag Expo Hosts First-Ever Hemp Innovation Challenge

The World Ag Expo – one of the largest agriculture trade events in the world – hosted its first-ever Hemp Innovation Challenge earlier this month. The event – which drew competitors from 14 countries and five continents – was won by Kentucky-based Victory Hemp, a business-to-business primary food ingredient processing company.

Victory Hemp’s V-70 Hemp Heart Protein and Victory ONE Hemp Heart Oil took the $5,000 top prize for their ability to “dramatically expand the range of products in which hemp seeds can be used as ingredients,” the company said in a press release.

Mike Reid, executive director for the Hemp Innovation Challenge, said Victory Hemp was the winner “for several reasons” and that their products highlighted “the importance of functional foods that provide health benefits when consumed regularly.”

“Companies like Victory Hemp Foods will ultimately save lives as people become aware of the health benefits of eating properly,” he said in a statement.

Chad Rosen, Victory Hemp Foods’ founder and CEO, said the award “is the outcome of three years of work by many hands and minds with a singular focus – to develop a unique process to unlock the value of the amazing proteins and oils found in the hemp seed by bringing it to market in a format that works across multiple food categories as a food ingredient.”

“As the agriculture industry tries to answer the question of how it will feed the world’s growing population in a way that benefits soil, water, and air as well as the health of our planet’s inhabitants, our innovation allows hemp to participate in that solution.” – Rosen, in a statement

According to the company, the V-70 product could be used in a variety of consumable goods, including dairy products, meat analogs, and nutrition powders. Victory-One can be used in everything from ice cream to skincare products.

The event was a fast-pitch contest. The World Ag Expo had an attendance of more than 100,000 people and 1,450 exhibitors.

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